What is Letstick™?

Letstick™ is kit of high quality decals to customize your bouncing boots.

How can I be sure it will fit my boots?

Letstick™ currently custom tailored for Kangoo Jumps XR3 model with different sizes.

How I put Letstick™ on my boots?

You just peel Letstick™ off base and stick them to your boots. Then you need to use normal hair drier to activate Hot Wrapping System for best performance. Check this page for video instruction.

Is it hard to use Letstick™?

For first time it might be, but every time you will put new Letstick™ it’s going to be easier for you.

Can I damage my boots with Letstick™?

No. You can put on and take off Letstick™ anytime, without any damage for your boots. For best result we recommend wipe surface with basic nail polish removal, before and after your apply Letstick™.

How long Letstick™ last on my boots?

It’s all depends on wrapping process and way of usage. If you will care about boots and avoid dropping, scratching or other hard impacts it will last longer.

How often can I change Letstick™ on my boots?

You can change  Letstick™ anytime. Depends of your mood and occasion. Letstick™ it is accessorize to make your experience brighter. 

Can I buy several Letstick™ and mix parts on my boots?

Yes, feel free to do so.

Can I order Letstick™ with my own design?

Yes, you can. Please, contact us for details. Price depends on quantity.

How can I pay for Letstick™?

You can pay with PayPal or your debit/credit card, check this page for details.

How I will receive my Letstick™?

We are happy to offer you FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! It’s coming with normal post to your mailbox or post office. Also we have Express shipping options. Please, check this page for detail.