Letstick™ is stickers for Kangoo Jumps and you can make business with us. Become official reseller or dealer of Letstick™ in your city or country.

Letstick™ is perfect gift or add on item for dealers of distributors of Kangoo Jumps.

We offer Great Product desired by everyone who in love with Kangoo Jumps. Letstick™ is very easy to use, anyone can place it on their boots by them self. Change design of boots anytime, by mood or season. Our attractive designs cover all occasions and updating frequently.

You can offer Letstick™ locally, to present in your Kangoo Jumps community, ship faster, accept payments on the spot, to serve clients better. We are open for new opportunities and contacts.

Want to help people to customize their staff and make business with Letstick™? Contact us to join growing network of Letstick™ resellers. Become first in your town!

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