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We are excited to offer a personalized design service for Letstick™, pecifically tailored for Custom made Kangoo Jumps. Creating a custom design for your boots can be a fun way to express your individuality or represent your club or team. Here are a few points to consider when requesting a custom design:

Personalization Options: When ordering your Custom made Kangoo Jumps with Letstick™, consider the different design elements you’d like to incorporate. This could include colors, patterns, logos, or any specific imagery that reflects your personal style or represents your club or team.

Design References: Providing picture references is a great way to communicate your design ideas for stickers Kangoo Jumps. You can share images of colors, patterns, logos, or any specific visuals that you’d like to be incorporated into the design.

Unique Identity: Emphasize the importance of standing out with a unique design for Kangoo Jumps. Whether it’s for personal use or for a club/team, the custom design should reflect individuality and make a distinctive statement.

Collaborative Process: Highlight the collaborative nature of the design process for stickers for Kangoo Jumps. It’s important to convey that the design will be custom-tailored according to the customer’s preferences and that their input is valued in creating a design that truly resonates with them.

Quality and Durability: Assure customers that the custom design for Kangoo Jumps will be of high quality and durable, ensuring that it not only looks great but also withstands regular use during Kangoo Jumps classes.

By emphasizing these points, you can effectively communicate the value of a custom Letstick™ design for Custom made Kangoo Jumps and help customers understand the process of creating a personalized and unique design for their Kangoo Jumps

PROMO Price:
1 set Size XS/S/M – €50 €30 per set
1 set Size L/XL – €55 €35 per set

Free Shipping (Without Tracking Number)

5.5 additional for Tracking number (optional but strongly recommended)

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