We found Kangoo Jumps in Dubai, it is rebound shoes which is helping you to burn a lot of calories in shortest amount of time.

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Tons of new fitness techniques evolved in last 50 or 60 years, all of them promise weight loss and muscles tightness. We tried different fitness classes and workouts to find out best and most effective for you.

Kangoo Jumps was invented by Canadian Orthopedic Gregory Lechtmann back in early 90’s and introduced at a fitness exhibition in Paris, wherein they have been patented by the Dennis Neville, entrepreneur from Switzerland. In 1995 their worldwide success began. Kangoo Jump Rebound Shoes have been first of all used for rehabilitation of patients after knee and joint surgeries, assisting them to go back to sports, which include running. These bounce boots are great tool for protecting knees, by reducing impact up to 80%. However, it quickly have become clean that there have been many greater opportunities in Kangoo Jumps – there has been room for self-use for fast weight loss and fitness.

Latest models which is Kangoo Jumps XR3 made for people from 40 till 80 kg, Kangoo Jumps PRO boots is available for people from 80 till 110 kg. It’s very important to pick right model and adjustment for your weight and level of fitness to IPS (Impact Protection System) to work properly and protect your knees from impact while your jog or jumps indoors.

For consultation and to buy Kangoo Jumps in Dubai for best priceyou can check https://kangooclubdxb.com for details and availability of correct model for you.

Kangoo Jumps Boot’s design looks like a mix of with a touch of ski boots and rollerblades. The wheels are composed of spring-like treads at the bottom. The Kangaroo Boots can be used for a viraety of activities such as jumping, dancing, running, walking and more and can be used both inside and outside on a different surfaces. The Impact Protection System at the bottom absorb up to 80% of shock and thus makes these great for people who experience knee and back pain. Those who have a need to rebuild flexibility after and injury or need to rebuild strength will find these especially beneficial.

Main Health Benefits of Kango Jumps boots:

  • – Rapid weight loss, thanks to whopping up to 1000 Kcal per our burn;
  • – Extreme absorption of impact on knees, joints and lower back, up to 80% safer than exercise in normal shoes;
  • – Lymphatic system boost to speed up detox of body;
  • – Fight of Depression, improvements of psychological and moral condition, lifting up spirit and mood;
  • – Improvements of endurance performance for professionals and sport enthusiasts;
  • – Helps to promote stability and balance;

…and many more, which you can find here.
Definitely this fantastic workout tool will make your fitness journey fun, effective and pleasant. You will see first results just in few weeks and continue to develop your strengths and beauty for long years to come.


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